Monday, 10 May 2010

Jeane Manson : Avant de nous dire adieu

As promised, this week's wake up song is rather cheesy but it's also sexy, it sums up what I like best in French pop music - even though the singer Jeanne Manson is American. A very famous song in France I first heard it in clubs (obviously not in 1976 I was still in primary school !) some time during the five minutes I spent in Parisian clubs during my mid-20s. I have loved it ever since, and play it when I do the dishes sometimes. The favourite songs that I do the dishes to, are all vaguely European chanteuses expressing some aspects of love that English and American pop just can't seem to reach, but we won't get lost in that as 'Songs I do the Dishes to' doesn't really work as well as 'Wake Up Song'. The lyrics to this are great-here is a vague translation of the opening lines : Let's make love before we say Goodbye, Before we say Goodbye, Let's make love because it's over between us, Since it's over between us, Let's make love like it was the first time...' That's a very classy way to end a love story ! Hope you enjoy, Lots of love tt