Monday 17 November 2008

Finished a song last week...

... that had been rather troublesome. It has such a lovely beginning that I didn't quite know how to reach the end. When it was finally finished I said to Mark my co-writer "Mmmm. This is a song that is really about adult emotions ". I always feel so absurdly satisfied when I've done one of them!

Gerald Kersh and Bill Withers

Hello, I'm in the middle of a riveting read. It's called 'Night and the City' by Gerald Kersh. Never heard of him till about three minutes ago! And the only reason I discovered him was because I was listening to a radio play and the American accent of the actress puzzled me. So I googled her to see if it was genuine. It was. I'm afraid I don't remember her name but I am thankful to her as she mentions on her website that her favourite writer in the world is Gerald Kersh. Gerald Kersh ?!! How can someone's favourite writer be someone I've never heard of ? Anyway, if you like the idea of a twitchy protagonist crisscrossing a shady 1930s London you are in for a treat with 'Night and the City'... I'm a bit over-excited. A friend has just sent me a link to a new documentary about Bill withers : I think Bill Withers is amazing and I can't wait for this film to be released. Take care , lots of love tt.