Saturday 27 June 2009

Michael Jackson

So sad to hear that Michael Jackson has passed away. He was a genius and listening to the radio today I was reminded of just how much unbelievably wonderful music he gave the world. He is going to be so missed, lots of love tt.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

I've just been to a tea party organized by Refugee Action [link] to celebrate Refugee Week [link]. I had the pleasure of sitting with Sysay from Eritrea and Nasreen from Iraq who told me about their work for Refugee Action and their own personal stories which lead them to seek refuge in this country. They were truly inspiring and compassionate women. I hope if you are in the UK you will be able to attend some of the events this week, perhaps question your assumptions and prejudices about refugees and get more involved. Lots of Love Tanita

Sunday 7 June 2009


I'm in Paris this week and I'm addicted to the vegetarian thali at the Krishna Bavan restaurant in La Chapelle, an area near to Gare du Nord. I'm also rather taken by this song "Live good" by the French band "The Naive New Beaters". The video is great ! Love tt.

We are not the same

My wake up song at the moment is The Cimarons "We are not the same". I had completely forgotten about this childhood favourite until one day I walked into a clothes store and heard this blaring out of their speakers. I was immediately transported to my parents' parties in the early '70s, where the soundtrack was either Trojan style reggae, Atlantic soul or some home sick Fijians singing island songs ! Anyway it remains a truly exciting record with the grooviest intro. Hope you enjoy, love tt.