Thursday 29 July 2010


Sorry, I'm moving around a bit and will post a new video journal over the weekend. Can I just recommend, if you happen to pass through Sacramento, the California State Railroad Museum [link]. It houses a collection of 20 lovingly restored locomotives and railroad cars and a second floor dedicated to model railways. One of the happiest mornings I've passed in a museum it fulfilled my every romantic notion of steam travel and a slower pace of life (although the museum also documents the difficult journey to build the railroads). Sacramento itself is a charming city, much more to my taste than Las Vegas !! Love ttPhoto (c) Sylvie Bardet

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Bagdad Cafe

I have a few days off before we begin to mix (yes, I know, this has been the fastest recording I've ever done!) and so I have been exploring California. My highlight so far has been a visit to the real Bagdad Cafe. Located in a sleepy some place somewhere on route 66, with a cast of characters as eccentric as the classic film, it didn't disappoint, love tt

Friday 23 July 2010

Grant Lee Philips

Grant Lee Philips [link] was in the studio this week to record some vocals on my new album, we were all so impressed by his creativity and how well our voices work together. Here is a track from his lovely album ‘Little Moon’, I’m sure you will enjoy it ! Lots of love tt

Saturday 17 July 2010

Berry - Mademoiselle

My wake up song this week is by the French artist Berry, the song Mademoiselle is the title track of her debut album. Sometimes i'm just amazed at how someone can get it so right as in this instance, hope you enjoy, lotsoflove tt

Thursday 15 July 2010

Recording in L.A.

Paul Bryan is turning out to be a wonderful producer and the calmest man I've ever worked with ! Ryan Freeland the engineer is great too, the sound we are hearing in the studio is close to the sound of the record which is a surprisingly rare way of working. And a nice surprise, Joe Henry, the singer-songwriter and producer dropped by the studio and was gracious enough to join in on some backing vocals which sounded lovely... very happy, love tt Photo (c) Sylvie Bardet

Video Journal # 2

Thursday 8 July 2010

Another twist

Just been told about this re-mix on line, worth checking out [link], love ttPhoto (c) Sylvie Bardet

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Just arrived...

Just arrived, drinking a lot of coffee and mooching around. I don't begin recording till next week, and inevitably, my throat has gone a bit barmy... I've decided not to talk for two days to the relief of all the people around me :) I'm a little shocked at how much of a Londoner I am, Los Angeles is a sprawling city and I am completely disorientated by it's endlessness. The people are so friendly though !! And the food is unbelievable !! love, ttPhoto (c) Sylvie Bardet

Saturday 3 July 2010

Video Journal Test (in HD)

Recording in L.A.

At the moment I am a little distracted... last night, I even managed to go to the wrong theatre & was rather bemused by a stage set that looked like a minimalist dungeon when I had booked tickets for a comedy. Anyway, why I am so distracted ?? It's because next week I am going to Los Angeles to record my new album !! Hurrah ! I will be starting a video journal and posting regular updates on this site so stay tuned & thank you for listening ! Lots of love tt