Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Acoustic Sessions Tour

I am very pleased to announce more dates from my forthcoming 'The Acoustic Sessions Tour' in Amsterdam at Amstelkerk on 23rd September and Milan at La Salumeria Della Musica on 24th September, in addition to the previously announced London date on 4th October. Tickets are available from : Milan: [link] / Amsterdam: [link] / London: [link] or from my facebook page : [link] lotsoflove tt

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Irma Thomas & Soul Rebels Brass band

Saw a wonderful gig at the Barbican on Sunday. First on were the truly infectious grooves of the New Orleans brass combo 'Soul rebels Brass Band' [link], I've never heard a funky tuba before !! It was impossible not to move to their playing & by the end of their set the whole room was on their feet. Then the legendary singer Irma Thomas, a contemporary of Aretha Franklin & Etta James she is known as the Queen of New Orleans Soul. It was so exciting, she has no set list ! She invites the audience to shout out requests from a career that spans over 50 years & if she can't remember the words she looks them up in a huge tome of all her songs & if the band don't know the requested songs she sings them a cappella ! And what a voice, even though she is 70, it's still thrilling and in fine health. In fact, it actually sounds richer live than than on some of her recordings. I mean this in the best sense, because her band is a little raggedy & not over polished & because I'm not that familiar with her material watching her performance that night was like stumbling upon a great bar, where you discover the most soulful singer with a raucous band & feel more alive for it, lotsoflove tt

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse's death rounded off a grim weekend for news. She was one artist who everyone, whatever their age or taste, agreed was very special and I believe she was as great as her musical heroes. This is the original demo of the classic 'Love is a losing Game' and a fitting tribute to her extraordinary abilities as a writer and singer. Lotsoflove tt

Sunday, 17 July 2011


I've just returned from a short trip to Munich. I went to the opera & saw a production of Mozart's 'Don Giovanni'. The modern staging, consisting of stacked metal warehouse containers & modern dress, including Donna Elvira in a pink office suit & hiking boots left me scratching my head but the music was wonderful. I closed my eyes or looked up at the theatre's chandelier & let the orchestra and voices transport me. I also cycled through the city's parks, explored the great outdoor market 'Viktualienmarkt' and ate the most honest and hearty food I've tasted in a long time. How can a simple potato salad be so heavenly ?! I found Munich to be a truly convivial city & it is well worth a visit, love tt

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Album Teaser # 2

The new album teaser # 2 is on line on the new home page !! love tt

Monday, 4 July 2011

Bonnie Guitar- Candy Apple Red

This week's wake up song 'Candy Apple Red' is from an artist I've recently discovered with the coolest name Bonnie Guitar (born Bonnie Buckingham she also played session guitar hence the name change) & an amazing voice. She's a contemporary of Patsy Cline and her music has a similar early pop-country cross over sound but because it is less familiar to me than Cline's it takes me to this strange twilight place & a not unpleasant sense of yearning & loss. I wonder if it's the diction & clarity in her voice against the mellow background that helps to create this feeling? Bonnie Guitar is well into her into her 80s now and still going strong, follow the link to hear a great 2007 music session [link] lotsoflove tt