Monday 8 November 2010

Shun-kin / The kids are alright

Spent a nice evening in the Barbican centre [link] last night (this has to be my favourite arts centre !), quickly browsed the 'Future Beauty: 30 years of Japanese Fashion' exhibition. At this kind of event the crowd is actually more interesting than the exhibition. I think they all secretly want to be spotted by photographer Scot Schuman and posted on 'The Sartorialist' ! And saw another wonderful production from the theatre company Complicitie [link]. 'Shun-kin' is the second production I've seen by them and even though the play may deal with adult themes I always feel as engrossed as a child by the magical way they tell stories. Earlier in the week I saw ' The Kids are Alright' which I loved. A few friends were less enthusiastic, maybe it comes down to whether you think characters in films should be exemplary representatives of a particular group or rather flawed like most of us... anyways, lots of great stuff to see & think about ! love tt