Saturday, 30 January 2010

Music, music, music...

Quite a productive week. Although, all the new songs for my new album are completed there are some unfinished songs that Mark & I thought we would finish too. Well… when a song doesn’t want to be written there is nothing you can do !! An enticing melody is indifferent to feeble lyrics no matter how enthusiastically you try to sing them, and a predictable middle eight cannot be made more interesting by the amount of times you say,"Oh, that will be interesting once we add…" It never is. Thankfully, we had also set aside time to record some new podcasts. Martin Winning, who plays clarinet & saxophone, came by and joined us on these recordings too, a real pleasure since he is both a lovely player and a very entertaining story teller. I will post those podcasts soon, and hopefully I will soon wake up with the solution to those unfinished songs! love, tt.
ps : the photo that illustrates this post is totally irrelevant but I really like it ! It's called noodles ! Photo courtesy of Sylvie Bardet [link]