Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mina - Amor Mio

This week's wake up song 'Amor Mio' is performed by the legendary Italian singer Mina & written by the legendary Italian songwriting partnership of Battisti and Mogol. I've never properly understood the song - in my wobbly Italian Mina seems to be saying 'My Love, Who has loved you in this world ? only me. Me, on the other hand, have always been loved too much...but together, we can make it, you can reach me...' and emotionally I've always thought Mina was singing 'My Love, I'm enough !' but without the slightly strange suggestion of a Romantic popularity contest. Either way, I'm sure it's madness to pit my imagined scenario against my dodgy Italian translation. Simply this song contains everything I love best in Italian music, passion & wonderful melody. I hope you enjoy, lots of love tt