Thursday, 23 December 2010

H.G. Wells, Tracie Bennett & End of the Rainbow

I've begun reading H.G.Wells so I was curious to see a production of 'The Invisible Man' at the Menier Chocolate factory [link]. It was enjoyable, and I loved the re-creation of an evening of good old-fashioned Victorian entertainment but the pace could have been faster. Also saw 'End of the Rainbow' at another charming small theatre the Trafalgar Studios [link]. Tracie Bennett gives a truly thrilling performance as Judy Garland during the the final months of her life shared with her last husband Micky Deans. I marvel at the energy of such a performance and the audience gave Tracie Bennett and the rest of the cast a deserved standing ovation. This production also gives me a good excuse to post a video of Judy Garland and Peggy Lee singing together. I don't want to be overly nostalgic but I think it's rare to find singers today who can sing so effortlessly. I hope you enjoy Love tt