Thursday, 2 December 2010

Langhorne Slim / Singer-Songwriter

This week's TT Test is taken by American singer-songwriter Langhorne Slim [link] who I enthusiastically blogged about last December [link]. Langhorne's last album 'Be Set Free' remains one of my favourites from recent years, I'm thrilled to hear that he is working on some new songs & also that he has found the time to answer the TT Test ! What is your wake up song at the moment ? I recently got a copy of 'Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall'. Even the way he thanks the audience at the end of a song gives me the chills. The song 'Hope she'll be Happier with him' blows me away. Which work of art or single event has most influenced you in your chosen profession ? My mother and Grandparents took my brother and I to see a Broadway play when we were very young. I don't even remember which one but I remember how magical New York felt coming just a couple of hours from our small hometown in Pennsylvania. And I remember sitting in my seat and feeling so moved. I knew then that there was a world beyond what I knew, the world that I didn't relate to and that I was going to be alright. That was a pretty heavy feeling. If you could travel back in time, which period would you most like to visit and why ? 1957-Redhead. I love eating out and discovering new restaurants, can you please recommend one to me ? The Bye and Bye in Portland Oregon. It's down the street from where I live and is awesome! [link] What is the best advice you ever been given relating to your professional / creative life ? Go back to the cabin. BONUS QUESTION 'Langhorne Slim' is a stage name, can you explain a little about how you chose this name & what it refers to ? Langhorne is the name of the town that i'm from. I used it before I had a band and it stuck. I have always been a fan of nick names from my grandfather's stories of when they were young. All of their friends had cool names like Whistle or Lefty. All names are made up so you might as well grab one you like. When people talk about your music they often reference blues & gospel & American roots music in general , I also hear a bit of Cat Stevens from the classic early 70s period , would I be way off in thinking that? Not at all, I love that man. Harold and Maude forever !