Monday, 29 August 2011

Deolinda-Sem Nocao

I thought it would be nice to have a Portuguese song for this week's wake up song a country I have recently visited. I've chosen the excellent quartet Deolinda. I love the concept behind Deolinda it isn't just the band's name but also a fictional character, as their Wikipedia entry states: "Deolinda is both a band and a fictional 40-year-old spinster who observes her neighbourhood from her window. This 'character' is merrily unmarried, in love and out of love, born in Lisbon, and she inhabits a ground floor apartment somewhere in the suburbs of the capital, Lisbon. She writes her own songs by peeking through the curtains of her window, drawing inspiration from the old gramophone records that once belonged to her grandmother and by the bizarre and strange life of her neighbours." Their song 'Sem Nocao' is delightful, I hope you enjoy ! lotsoflove tt