Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Last Tuesday Society

On Sunday I visited the most peculiar shop in London (ok, maybe I exaggerate and that honour should go to 'Blustons' in Kentish Town High Street, a shop whose ladies' fashion and displays don't seem to have changed since the 1930s, not for some retro cool. I think it's actually been open since the 1930s & the stock hasn't moved on but that is it's charm). 'Vicktor Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors' [link] part of 'The last Tuesday Society' [link], is quite terrifying. You feel like you have stepped into another time where things are more gory and very dusty. If you are squeamish like me, you should definitely visit because I think squeamish people secretly get a big kick out of being scared! The Last Tuesday Society also has an intriguing lecture series and me & friend still faithful to the resolution of trying out things we've never done before attended a story telling event there hosted by Giles Abbott [link]. It was lovely because you so quickly revert to childhood and get lost in the stories, a real find, lots of love tt