Friday, 11 February 2011

Covers !

I met up with Mark my guitarist recently, and we decided to look at covers. Apart from being enjoyable just to sing other people's songs it is a good discipline to sing something you have not written, hopefully you learn a new way of thinking about a melody or a phrase or constructing a song. It is interesting to me, how difficult it is to actually make a song your own and I am in awe of singers who, not being writers, do that habitually. I'm also surprised at which songs end up suiting your voice or temperament. With my voice, maybe one would think I would suit quite dark,rather serious songs but actually my temperament draws me towards very melodic,poppy songs and because of this I probably sound more convincing in them. And singing standards ( or trying to ! ) demands a technical prowess which I don't really possess... anyway, I'm really enjoying the learning process... and maybe one day I'll be able to conquer one of those Cole Porter classics :) lots of love tt