Thursday, 12 November 2009

Larry Klein / Producer

Larry Klein is not only a great musician having played with artists as wonderfully diverse as Freddie Hubbard, Carmen McRae, Bob Dylan and Neil Diamond but a highly respected producer working with among others Herbie Hancock, Madeleine Peyroux and Joni Mitchell. I am thrilled that he is the first person to take the TT Test ! What is your wake up song at the moment ? I've been listening to Rickie Lee Jones' first two records and J.J. Cale's records somewhat obsessively for the last couple of weeks. All very inspiring. Which work of art or single event has most influenced you in your chosen profession ? All of The Beatles' records and all of Bill Evans' records If you could travel back in time, which period would you most like to visit and why ? I'd love to go to Paris in the 30's to be around the catalytic literary scene during that time. (probably an overly romantic notion, but seems like it would be fun). I love eating out and discovering new restaurants, can you please recommend one to me ? Harry's Bar, Venice Italy : [link]. What is the best advice you ever been given relating to your professional / creative life ? "Hold on to the divine dissatisfaction, but don't worry". BONUS QUESTION : Your recordings are very noted for how well you place and record the voice. How do you achieve this and do you have any tips for recording the voice ? I always do what I can to guide the vocalist towards singing from their heart, and without self-consciousness; almost as if they were singing by themselves late at night. A great microphone always helps. Close proximity to the mic. A great tube compressor is also important. Most important: a good rapport between myself, the engineer and the vocalist that leads to a feeling of safety in trying anything that comes to mind.